Ameritage: Is a trade marked name.  It is defined as an Amalgamation of America’s new world wine making techniques with the old world skill in the art of wine blending.

In addition to being the combination of American technology in growing high quality wine grapes and the process used in the making of technically sound premium wines, Ameritage wines also combine this new world know-how with the artful skill of meticulous old world blending of different lots of wine together to produce one homogenous wine is considered to be the highest form of sophisticated winemaking.
Ameritage is a red or white wine blend grown and produced in the United States from vinifera grapes and/or hybrid grapes developed expressly and exclusively for wine production and containing a minimum of 55% vinifera parentage.  The blend must consist of not less than three (3) wines with any one wine consisting of no more than 70% of the blend.  If a blend consists of less than three wine grape varieties, it can not be labeled as an Ameritage wine.  Proprietary blends are allowed within the definition of Ameritage. 

Ameritage wines are most prized for their elegantly smooth silky texture and complex robust structure with long pleasant finishes. While they are able to age beautifully for many years, most are also very drinkable when released.

2014 Ameritage- American Red Wine Blend             

Our Ameritage is a proprietary blend of premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Merlot, Carménère and Teroldego red wine grapes combined and aged in medium toast French oak barrels to enhance complexity and balance of the blend.  This delightfully rich, medium-body wine provides flavors of ripe blackberries and subtle hints of cedar, vanilla, leather, spice and tobacco with earthy aromas of smoke and dark chocolate.  All of these layers of aroma and lush flavor are well integrated with rich tannins.  The smooth finish and lingering flavors are all classic hallmarks of this exquisite blend.  With extended aging the wine’s dark fruit, spice and earth tones will continue to mature for an additional 10-20 years.